You & The Law

You and the Law

Responsive Web Design, Logo Design

The purpose behind redesigning the You and the Law website was to give it a modern look and create a more responsive, user-friendly experience.

This was an interesting project because it started off as more of a blog-centric concept and evolved into an informational site supporting the client’s services.

One of the primary focuses in the design was to convey something a little more fun and approachable than your typical “legal” website. For that reason, we went with large images and bold colors, staying away from predictable blues and grays.

Special attention was also paid to the responsiveness of the site, keeping in mind that it would be viewed on a number of different sized devices.

The business goal was to drive lawyers and law firms in the B.C. area to contact You and the Law and retain their column-writing/advertising service.

This was the second project that I have worked on with Janice & George after redesigning their fantastic travel blog, Sand in My Suitcase, last year.